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Cloudtech Inc and Amazon Web Services

From the beginning, AWS has been the leading cloud service provider in our customer portfolio. Because of its extensive features and cost-effectiveness, most early adopters of the cloud wanted an AWS infrastructure. To meet these needs and open the door to more opportunities, we signed up with the AWS Partner Network in 2018. Today, with extensive experience in AWS, we are a Select Tier Partner and look forward to helping more and more companies solve their cloud needs on AWS.

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At Cloudtech Inc, we will help you implement Amazon Web Services for your project.


Our Extensive Set Of AWS Services

  • Hybrid Cloud and Migration

    Amazon Web Services provides various tools and services such as AWS Migration Hub, where you can monitor and manage the whole migration process. You can even migrate your custom applications, servers, database, and other data onto their platform.

  • Serverless Cloud Functions

    Amazon Web Services has a robust infrastructure that can provide everything you need from an IT infrastructure. Once you upload the code, everything will be managed by AWS, making the whole process of managing servers seamless.

  • Databases

    Amazon Web Services includes various DBMS solutions from Oracle, SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB, among others. You can securely access everything directly from your Amazon Web Services platform. You can expect top-notch stability, which will maximize server uptime and minimize all issues.

  • Storage

    The storage solutions from Amazon Web Services are flexible, and you can quickly scale up depending on your usage. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the following storage types- Amazon Glacier, Amazon Simple Storage Service, or The Amazon EBS.

  • Networking

    The Amazon VPC, short for Virtual Private Cloud, gives the power back to you. It provides full administrator-level access over the virtual cloud network for whatever you may require. You can connect to your servers remotely from anywhere.

  • Developer Tools

    Amazon Web Services provides dedicated SDKs and a command-line interface for developers to take advantage of it while deploying their applications and services. It helps to build a faster and scalable development process.

We Provide A Unique Range Of Benefits

Minimize Your IT Costs

Minimize the cost of building your own IT system infrastructure. Our team of trained IT professionals will handle everything from setup to custom application cloud deployment. You only need to pay for what you require and not a cent more. We at Cloudtech can help scale your entire IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.


Efficient Scalability

Our team can efficiently help you scale up your IT services infrastructure, thereby minimizing any extra investments you don’t need. As your requirements increase, we will help increase your IT infrastructure proportionately. No matter how big your infrastructure is, with Amazon Web Services, your data and your security are entirely secure.

Increase Productivity

By choosing us, you will increase your workflow without delaying any of the previous projects. You will save time and money by outsourcing the entire IT service to us. With our team’s technical assistance, your productivity threshold will increase dramatically, and we are also providing additional project support for any on-demand needs.

Low Initial Investment

We offer a plethora of excellent IT services. You are required to pay an initial small amount, as our services are incredibly affordable. Building your very own IT team may need tens of thousands of dollars, and by going with us, you will minimize your cost of investments and maximize revenue.

Deploy in Minutes

Our well-skilled team will only need a few minutes to deploy the Amazon web server. Whether you need to deploy custom applications, scripts, or a whole new setup, we will do everything in a manner of minutes. If there’s any hurdle or issues along the way, our team will take care of them.

Our AWS Services Expertise

Amazon Lambda

Run code without worrying about a server with serverless compute service, Lambda.

Amazon API Gateway

Easily create, publish and maintain secure APIs with a managed API gateway service.

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Manage all notification like pub/sub, email, SMS and push notifications.

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Implement with fully managed, all-in-one queue service in the cloud.

Amazon Elasticsearch / OpenSearch

Search and analyze any data.

Amazon Kinesis

Collect and process real-time data and video streams.

AWS Glue

Prepare data for analytics with serverless data integration

Amazon Redshift

Analyze with the fastest cloud data warehouse.

Amazon EMR

Easily run and scale Apache Spark, Hive, Presto, and other big data workloads

Amazon QuickSight

Unified business intelligence at hyperscale

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK)

Securely stream data with a fully managed, highly available Apache Kafka service

AWS Amplify

Build and deploy scalable web and mobile applications.

Amazon API Gateway

Build, maintain and deploy APIs with fully managed service.

AWS AppSync

Develop applications faster with managed GraphQL APIs.

AWS Device Farm

Get real devices and environments to test your application.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

Amazon EKS can run fully-managed Kubernetes applications with the flexibility to scale.

AWS Fargate – Serverless Compute

Build serverless containerized web applications, APIs, and microservices with Fargate.

Amazon Elastic Container Registry

Easily deploy, store and manage your container images and artifacts with Amazon ECR.

Amazon Elastic Container Service

Amazon ECS is a managed container orchestration system to easily deploy and scale containerized apps.

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Manage user permission and access to all AWS resources using IAM.

AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

Run and scale batch jobs easily in the cloud.

Amazon Guard Duty

Automate continuous threat detection and protect your AWS accounts and data with GuardDuty.

AWS Certificate Manager

Deploy and manage private or public SSL/TLS certificates to use with cloud services and applications.

AWS App Discovery Service

Know your on-premises data centers better for setting up the right migration path.

AWS DataSync

Automate with DataSync to simplify and speed up your data transfer to cloud storage.

AWS Application Migration

Automate your cloud migration with AWS MGN for efficient processes and minimal downtime.

AWS Database Migration

Migrate your homogeneous as well as heterogeneous databases to AWS cloud securely with minimal downtime.

Amazon EC2

Elastic virtual servers in cloud, with Auto scaling

AWS Batch

Run and scale batch jobs easily in the cloud.

Amazon DynamoDB

Fast, and scalable NoSQL database in the cloud.

Amazon Redshift

Analyze with the fastest cloud data warehouse.

Amazon S3

Simple storage service for multiple use cases.

Amazon CloudWatch

Easy monitoring of your cloud infrastructure.

AWS Cloud Formation

Fast cloud deployments with infrastructure as code

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Control cloud networking resources with VPC.

TensorFlow on AWS

The famous deep learning framework on the amazon cloud.

Amazon CloudFront

CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver your data fast and secure.

AWS CodePipeline

Automate release pipelines with managed continuous delivery.


Manage and deploy internet of things infra with AWS IoT services.

Amazon RDS

Deploy and scale the relational database engines of your choice in the cloud.

AWS Control Tower

Quickly provision, set up, and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment, known as a landing zone, it automatically implements many accounts under the appropriate organizational units, with hardened service control policies attached.

Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server

Secure, reliable, and high-performance environment for deploying Windows-based applications and workloads.

Meet our AWS community builders


Azhar Qazi

Cloud Architect

Hello Fellas!

I am Sheikh Azaharuddin Quazi, I have seven years of experience in IT industry working in different roles. As an AWS enthusiast from past couple of years I have been helping clients building their environment in AWS Cloud, Migrating their Legacy applications, creating hybrid environment and Modernizing applications in cloud. I have expertise in AWS infrastructure and various AWS Services like IAM, EC2, VPC, S3, Control Tower, SSO, AWS Organization, DMS, Data Sync, Lambda, API Gateway, ECS, Sage maker, Glue, Athena, RDS, DynamoDB ETC. I have worked with many clients across different domains like healthcare, banking, retail, ecommerce, streaming.

Hello Builders!

I’m Riyaz Ul Haque, an Indian Software Engineer Cum Cloud Engineer guy, Technical Instructor(Programming, Cloud Computing & DevOps), tech geek, and NOW AWS Community Builder. In addition to Software Development, I have broad interests including Environment Science, Solar systems, History & city dweller who loves to travel, partake in nature photography, and find new adventures along the way. I have found that nothing satisfies me more than teaching people, spreading knowledge with new variations, developing new strategies for the overall growth of the business. Being an intellectual personality, I like to find answers to the most pressing questions which also drives me to be a lifelong learner.


Riyaz Ul Haque

Software Engineer


Dimple Sharma

Full Stack Developer

Hello Fellas!

I’m Dimple Sharma, a Full stack cloud developer, AWS certified Solution Architect (Associate) and an AWS Community Builder. I am currently working as a JavaScript developer with Cloudtech. I have expertise in delivering software solutions using frameworks such as Express, React, Angular, Next along with AWS services. I am also a part of AWS Community Builder’s program, primarily working with Front End Web and Mobile group. This program allowed me to connect with developers throughout the world and improve my technical skills. AWS community builder’s program also helped me in building robust & modern solutions by making efficient use of AWS technologies, which not only improved performance at a lower cost but also simplified the workflow.