Cloud Native Application Development

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Cloud Native Application Development

Design, Develop and Deploy Application based on AWS, Azure or GCP cloud platforms.

As the world has gone remote, there is an increasing demand for applications that are highly available around the globe. At Mu-stack, we help our clients build cloud-native applications that exhibit high scalability and availability to reduce costs, streamline processes, and increase profits.

Cloud Native App Development
Serverless Application

Serverless Application Development

Build services and applications without having to provision or manage servers.

Deploy your application code and let the cloud provider handle the work of provisioning, maintaining, and scaling the server infrastructure. As an AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partner, we provide services and tools to help customers build or migrate their solutions to a microservices architecture running on server less computing.


App Development Process

What Are The Benefits?

Cost Efficiency

Cloud services only charge for necessary storage space and feature sets required for your application development model. This pay-as-you-go system ensures lower costs and higher profits.

Faster Deployment

Go from concept to implementation within a short span of time by dividing the application into descrete parts using microservices. These can then deployed into different environments without worrying about the dependencies required.


The cloud service provider follows industry-leading security regulations such as HIPPA, PCI DSS and ISO 27002. This ensures your application is protected against data breaches, network and DDoS attacks.


By opting for a serverless application the developers no longer have to worry about networks, security, and scalability of the servers that run behind the scenes. These servers are owned and maintained by service providers reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the application.


Cloud Native applications are designed in such a way that they don’t go offline even if there’s an infrastructure outage. These fault tolerant applications are capable of detecting uncertain issues like overload of requests, hardware failures, network connective errors, etc.

Availability and Scalability

With the ever-expanding reach of cloud services in remote locations around the world, it is now possible to deploy your application anywhere it is needed. Being in the cloud you can scale your compute, storage, and network resources whenever needed to meet the workload demands of the applications.