Cloud Security

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Secure Your Cloud Environments

with Cloudtech Inc's comprehensive security services

Cloud infrastructures can be more vulnerable to cyber attacks and data leaks than traditional on-premises infrastructures. So it becomes particularly important for companies to implement appropriate security measures for their cloud infrastructure and applications in order to mitigate risks. Cloudtech Inc provides a complete security assessment of your infrastructure and applications, identifying risks and recommending and implementing remedial actions.

Comprehensive Set of Cloud Security Services

Data Encryption

Encrypting sensitive data before moving to the cloud and create a robust key management solution to allow only authorized access to the data.

Penetration Testing

Testing the entire cloud environment to find misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that could expose the infrastructure to attackers.

Constant Monitoring Of Servers

Continuously examining servers to identify suspicious behavior and data breaches for immediate remediation.

Data Loss Prevention

Building a system that protects data loss from cyberattacks, misuse of authorized access, and accidental disclosure.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Developing a disaster recovery and backup strategy that automates backups of systems and data across regions to ensure smooth operations.

Constant Compliance Checks

Ensuring compliance with industry best practices to stay updated with constantly evolving threats.

Our Cloud Security Expertise

AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Manage user permission and access to all AWS resources using IAM.

AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

Easily create and manage secure keys for encryption and cryptography for all services.

Amazon Guard Duty

Automate continuous threat detection and protect your AWS accounts and data with GuardDuty.

AWS Single Sign-On

Create and manage single access to all your AWS services applications with SSO in the cloud.

AWS Certificate Manager

Deploy and manage private or public SSL/TLS certificates to use with cloud services and applications.