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Write Application Code Once & Run It Anywhere
Encapsulate software code with all its dependencies in packages (container) that can run unifromly and consitently on various infrastructures. Cloudtech Inc’s containerization services use industry leading open-source technologies like Docker and Kubernetes on leading cloud platforms to acclerate organizations containerization services adoption.

What Are The Benefits?

Streamline Operations

Containerize your existing applications and standardize on a single set of tooling for monitoring, operations, and software delivery. Unify infrastructure and skill sets needed to operate your applications, saving on both infrastructure and training costs.

Accelerate Application Modernization

Analyze the applications and automatically generate a container image that is configured with the correct dependencies, network configurations, and deployment instructions for ECS or Kubernetes.

Best Practices To Migrate At Scale

Containerize applications running in your data center without any code changes. Automate the generation of deployment pipeline following AWS best practices, to container services such as Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, and AWS AppRunner. By enabling remote execution, you can automate the migration of your application from your data center to AWS.

Containerization Expertise

Amazon Elastic Container Registry

Secure, reliable and scalable way to run containerized applications.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

Containerized applications using Kubernetes.

AWS Fargate

Serverless compute engine for containers

AWS App Runner

Quickly deploy containerized web applications and APIs