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Top Trending Tools in React 

The React app development market is rapidly expanding. A few tools are required to continue to improve this language and make coding easier and faster. The react tools provide a plethora of options for selecting the best one for your task. Because there are numerous ways to solve a problem in React development, learning about the best tools for react development is a wise decision. With that in mind, let us look at some of the Top Trending Tools in React for improving the development process’s efficiency and productivity.


Reactide is a desktop program that incorporates a simulator for live reloading and rapid prototyping of React components and is a popular tool in React.

It features a custom browser simulator as well as an integrated Node server as a cross-platform application. As a result, a React project can be created by simply clicking a React JSX file.

It includes features like hot module reloading, streamlined configurations, and component visualization that are extremely useful. While coding in Reactide, you can see a live representation of the architecture of your React app. So, if you use Reactide to keep track of changes in the app architecture, editing or upgrading your React app is unlikely to go wrong.


Another open-source tool is Storybook. It makes it easier to create and write UI components and pages. Visual component coding is a constant back-and-forth between code and the webpage. With their UI editor, Storybook makes this process much convenient and is thus one of the best tools for React. While developing each visual component, you can inspect and interact with it for increased productivity and a better overall process.

It has a Sandbox Storybook for developing UIs in isolation, mocking difficult-to-reach use cases, documenting use cases as stories, and automating testing. It also has Built-in filters that prevent deviations.

React Developer Tool

React Developers Tools are the most popular and user-friendly React tools in our list of Top trending tools in React for accelerating development. It is an open-source React JS library that inspects a React tree, including props, component hierarchy, state, and more. You can also investigate how one component affects another. These debugging tools are extremely useful and are completely open-source.

It includes full react hook support, allowing you to use react functionality without creating a class. Its filter mechanisms make it easier to navigate deeper into nested hierarchies.

It can even assist you in observing and noting an app’s performance. It is a must-have for your react development if you genuinely want to create an app that stands out from the crowd.

Create React App            

For any new React project, the Create React App is the best place to start and is one of the Top trending tools in React. With only one command, you can get your React app up and running. This react tool will take care of everything, whether it is selecting the proper module or constructing the project structure. As a result, developers will spend less time configuring it and will be able to use it with any backend language.

With a single command, you can get your React app up and running. There are no build configurations required. You do not have to be concerned with the best project structure or which support modules to include; Just execute the following command:

                                                         npx create-react-app my-app


Bit, designed by Jonathan Saring is an open-source, and one of the most popular react developer tools on the market. It allows you to quickly develop and share react components with the help of Bit.

After Bit has verified your react components, you can share them with other developers using an online platform and a command-line program. You can also search and download components created by others and render them to fit your specific project on the internet platform. In a nutshell, Bit’s third-party marketplace lets you shop for third-party components. You may even change the component and see a preview of it using Bit, which allows you to go over several components and choose the one that best suits your project making it a popular tool for React.

React Sights

React Sight is one of the best React development tools that aid with react inspection. It displays the hierarchy of your app’s components in real-time time. You can easily track the relationships between components with a tree-like flow chart of your app’s architecture. Additionally, when you hover the cursor over a component, you can see its current state and properties.

Also, after installing the Chrome extension, make sure to enable access to file URLs.

React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is a tool that combines the benefits of both Bootstrap and React while eliminating their respective Individual limitations. It is a well-known CSS framework react dev tool that many people use. It is a collection of CSS classes and JavaScript functions that allow you to create stunning user interfaces with any of those technologies without having to be a pro.

The JS portions of React Bootstrap have been rewritten to ensure compatibility with React. As a result, you can now use their components the same way that you would use React components.

React Bootstrap makes it incredibly simple to get started with a React app project. It is simple to install using a package manager, and it ensures that your app’s UI is clean.

Wrapping up

React has grown at a breakneck pace since it was introduced by Facebook. However, as popularity grows, the challenge for developers in creating larger apps becomes more difficult. Every year, the React developer tools community grows, and a new tool is introduced to the list of best tools for React.

There are many more great tools available for React developers; these are just a few of our favorites that are widely used in react development. We hope these Top trending tools in React should make it easier for you to create, manage, and debug apps. Good luck 😉