re:Invent with Serverless

Accelerate innovation, become more sustainable and reduce stress on your engineering team without compromising performance or data security.

Our Services

  • Advise

    Evaluation of existing infrastructure and organizational readiness. We work with your team to build a plan for success.

  • Design

    Architecting robust, scalable serverless solutions. We design to drive efficiency in your cloud environment.

  • Build

    Turning designs into a serverless reality. Our experts handle the complexities, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Manage

    End-to-end management of your cloud/serverless infrastructure. We optimize performance, allowing you to focus on core business.

Why US?

Serverless solutions tailored to your needs.

At Cloudtech, we don’t just speak technology - we speak your language. Our team of AWS veterans is here to guide your transformation to a serverless architecture. Experience enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs, and the freedom to focus on your core business - all part of going serverless.

Questions bro

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Minimised IT Costs

Reduce infrastructure costs with a Pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Efficient Scalability

Scale-up your infrastructure when you need, scale-down when you don’t.


Secure your networks with industry certified security services.


Deploy applications without provisioning servers.

AWS Expertise

Trust Of Our Customers


You feel like you matter with Cloudtech Inc. Moreover, they had a stellar communication process that understood the client’s needs. They collaborated their ideas and examples well with commendable teamwork.

Bnoteable – CEO & Founder

Elastic Stack

Cloudtech Inc’s efforts helped us in bringing solutions for the business. They lead a communicative process to ensure meeting the expected timelines and keep the team updated on the project.

NetResolute- Product Manager


With issue resolution time cut in half & issue frequency cut down by 30% thanks to their work, Cloudtech Inc performed well during the engagement. The automation they implemented made a significant impact on the client’s operations as well.

Project Manager, Pythonwise Inc.

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