Cloudtech: Your Serverless Solution Expert

Cloudtech is a boutique consultancy practice focusing on modernizing your cloud journey through Serverless technology. We leverage our deep ties and exclusive partnership with Amazon Web Services to deliver premium Serverless solutions to our customers.


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Our Vision

Unfolding technology with Cloud.

At Cloudtech, we see serverless technology as a catalyst for empowering engineers, driving innovation, and fostering a more efficient work environment. By reducing infrastructure stress, we allow your team to focus on what truly matters - driving your business forward.

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Located Around The World

With remote engineering teams, we have people in United States and India.

Zoom (We are remote)

You can meet us on Zoom or a tool of your choice!

Zoom (We are remote)

United states

We have an office in New York, let’s meet.

United states


Remote teams in India, working in different time zones.